What is Body SMART?

It’s our unique and industry leading weight loss and body toning program that's guaranteed to give you the results you're looking for. It will help you to burn more fat, get into shape faster, as well as give you the extra knowledge and support to fast forward your personal health and fitness goals.

Apply to join our six week body transformation program where you'll lose 4-6 inches off your waist and between 12-24 pounds! One participant will win a prize worth £100 based on a points system centred around motivation and dedication to the course. We’ll plan your route to success with our total transformation plan. Your Personal trainer will support you through out your journey; planning and making necessary changes to your personal program as you work towards your goal.

When is it?

It’s a 6 week intensive course with two one hour sessions per week on a Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday plus a virtual home workout every week. Choose from either 6.30am - 7.30am or 6.30pm - 7.30pm depending on what suits you.

How Much Is It?

At an unbelievable £8 for 24 hours of personal training your course costs £199

What if I can't make it to a session?

We understand that life can be very demanding and sometimes hectic. That's why at the beginning of your course we'll give you the opportunity to tell us if there are any dates that you won't be able to attend. We'll then offer you an alternative session slot so that you won't miss out.

How many people will be on my course?

Our course is capped at a maximum of 5 people so that we're able to offer you personal training during every session.

I am really unfit. Will body SMART be right for me?

Yes Absolutely! The great thing about body SMART is that you're personally trained during every session. You'll perform exercises based on your own fitness level and postural capabilities meaning that if you're just starting out in fitness then not only will you be in safe hands but we'll also keep you motivated too.