Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility and Mobility.

Did you know that your physical fitness is made up of a number of components? Flexibility being just one of them. It’s often overlooked but including flexibility training whenever you visit the gym is high up there on the physical well being importance list. If muscles can't contract and relax properly it will result in decreased performance levels as well as a lack of muscle movement control. Yes, a quick stretch at the end of a workout is great and always advised; but to see the massive physical benefits that stretching and postural correction exercises have to offer, as well as the great preventative measures it provides against muscular imbalance and workout induced muscle spasms; you’ll need a bit more than just a few minutes after your workout.

To get maximal benefits from flexibility training it’s essential that you are performing techniques that are personalized to your body’s needs. In a fitness class environment that’s always difficult to achieve and that’s why starting off with a complete biomechanical posture assessment is ideal for you to really get to grips with what type of stretches and postural correction exercises your body needs right now and going forward into the future.

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