iOme Weight Loss Day Cure

iOme Fitness Weight Loss Day Cure

What is it?

The iOme day cure is the very best protocol for visceral fat loss and a lean physique and is perfect to boost for weight loss or if you’re struggling with a weight loss plateau.

We couple high-intensity interval training in short bursts with a resistance training program. This will allow you to burn visceral fat AND build muscle (no ladies this doesn't mean bulk up) at the same time.

The Science

Having more muscle elevates metabolism and supports a better hormonal and biochemical environment by lowering adipokines – (those evil chemicals that create more fat and break down muscle.)

On the day

The entire day will shift between periods of higher and lower intensity training and we will provide your entire day's delicious nutrition completely balanced to keep energy levels topped up throughout the day

Course Details

Only 6 spaces available on each day
The iOme Day Cure costs £99

What should I bring?

You'll need to bring : Water bottle
We provide everything else you possibly need to kick start your body!

Ready, Steady, Fat Burn!