iOme Fitness is the gym for people who don't like normal gyms. Join us in our picturesque secluded countryside studio where you'll learn that exercise and nutrition doesn't have to feel like a chore. It can be fun, matched perfectly to your body type and benefit your life in more ways than you ever imagined.

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    Feeling Nervous About Exercise? Put Your Mind At Ease and Speak To A Personal Trainer.

    What is 2 + 3 ?

    At iOme We Make Fitness Fun

    No Machines - No Repetition - No Boring Workouts

    iOme takes a personal and holistic approach in helping you get and stay fit, feel healthy and find balance in life. If you don’t like normal gym’s and you love beautiful surroundings then you’ll love iOme.

    Your iOme trainer will help you:

    Reach and maintain the size and shape that’s right for you and take your first steps toward being physically fit.
    Become stronger; increase your stamina and become more flexible and toned in a safe, smart and sensible way. (Or if you’re already very fit, train to be at your best for a race or competition.)
    Stay mobile, pain free and active for your entire life.
    Make changes to your nutrition using our expert sports nutrition knowledge. (Helping you reach your goals faster and showing you that there’s never a reason to go on a fad diet!)

    iOme 360 Degree Training

    At iOme we use functional training (movement based exercise) that works multiple muscle groups at a time in order to build a stable, strong and flexible body. After just a few sessions you can expect to see a massive improvement in how you perform everyday activities. (E.g Lifting heavy shopping bags or moving furniture).
    Functional training helps with body fat reduction, increasing strength and flexibility as well helping you become more co-ordinated and balanced. It’s perfect for building a strong and stable core and during sessions as we match each functional exercise to your individual needs it reduces your risk of injury and in general massively improves your quality of life.

    Visit us in South Petherton and sign up to our industry leading Fitness and Inch Loss Course No more boring exercise, we make going to the gym FUN!:

    Body SMART Small Group Personal Training

    Body SMART is our unique and industry leading inch loss and body toning course that's guaranteed to give you the results you're looking for. It will help you to burn more fat, get into shape faster, as well as give you the extra knowledge and support to fast forward your personal health and fitness goals.

    One to One Personal Training

    The focus is all on you as you're kept motivated and supported in achieving your fitness goals. A Personal Trainer is your very own health and fitness educator. We're with you all the way!

    Do you already have a specific goal in mind? Click below to find out why Body SMART will be perfect for you:

    Weight loss and fitness

    Get started by reaching and maintaining the size that's right for you. Take your first steps toward becoming fit and active.

    Flexibility and mobility

    Stay supple and become more flexible with our personalised stretching and flexibility course resources.

    Tone up and get stronger

    Find out how you can sculpt your body through nutrition and exercise. Become strong and toned by learning the most effective and safe exercises to perform (without getting bulky).

    Over 50+

    Being over 50 doesn't mean that Body SMART will be too much effort for you. The average age of a Body SMARTer is 45 and age of current course members ranges from 30 - 73.


    Optimal nutrition is essential when ensuring success on Body SMART. Find out about our nutrition philosophy.

    Learn More About Exercise, Fitness and Nutrition On Our Blog


    Get fresh ideas on how you can improve your physical fitness program and well-being.


    Find out about what you can do to live better and feel good in your own skin.


    Check out diet plans, healthy food options and discussion groups that make it easier for you to eat right.


    Everything you need to make your home a haven that supports your efforts to stay healthy and fit.


    We believe that everyone, everywhere owes it to themselves to live a healthy and active life the iOme way. That’s why we offer our courses at convenient times and in easy-to-access locations including fitness studios, parks, schools, community centers, and virtually online, in your own home. Our indoor garden studio in South Petherton, Somerset is only 4 miles from Martock; 8 miles from Yeovil; 5 miles from Crewkerne and Ilminster and only 16 miles from Taunton.

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