Beanie Fit

Mother and Baby Fitness Class

Beanie Fit

Our 6 week Beanie Fit course helps you to enjoy fitness and movement with your child in the safe and relaxing environment of our indoor garden studios. You’ll discover new exercises and learn how to get a great workout to trim and tone while at the same time keeping your child engaged and enthused.

When is it?

You’ll attend 1 or 2 morning sessions per week with an iOme Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Start your course at any time. It’s £99 for 6 weeks attending 2 sessions per week or £65 attending 1 session per week. We have a maximum of 4 parents/guardians and four child spaces per class.

What will it be like?

We understand the constraints of exercising with little ones that’s why we develop our workouts to include parent/guardian and child paired exercises, periods of rest as well as free play.
Beanie Fit workouts are fun and different every time. We’ll make sure that you’ll have a great workout and that your child has a fun and positive experience of exercise too.

After Class

We provide light refreshments with time to socialise after class.