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Charlie’s Garden: What Can The Herb Borage Be Used For?

‘Borage’ is the very first post in my garden series and I’m super excited because not only are all the herbs and veg that I’m going to bring to you organically homegrown; they’re also going to increase your feelings of wellness and help you develop an even deeper understanding about how you can use nutrition […]

Your Superfood Shopping List

Carbohydrates -Fruits 1 Açai Berry2 Apples3 Apricots4 Bananas5 Blackberries6 Blueberries7 Blueberries (Dried)8 Boysenberries9 Cantaloupe10 Cherries11 Cocoa Beans12 Cranberries13 Cranberries (Dried)14 Dates15 Figs16 Goji Berries17 Grapefruit18 Grapes19 Grape Juice20 Honeydew Melon21 Kiwifruit22 Lemons23 Limes24 Lychees25 Nectarines26 Oranges27 Papaya28 Peaches29 Pears30 Persimmons31 Pineapple32 Plums33 Prunes (Dried Plums)34 Pomegranates35 Quinces36 Raisins37 Raspberries38 Strawberries39 Tangerines40 Watermelon Carbohydrates : Starchy […]

Charlie’s Christmas Nutrition Survival Kit

How to Avoid An Expanding Waist Line This Christmas – Podcast Transcript Hi, I’m Charlie from iOme Fitness. I’m a personal trainer, motivator and posture correction coach. I love cooking nutritious colourful tasty food. Every week I lead a small group of clients in the art of fun movement, eating for goal achievement and planning […]

At Home With Charlie – Fish Risotto

At Home With Charlie – Fish Risotto Charlie’s Food Philosophy 1. Diets are BAD. They have a beginning and an end which often means at the end of a diet you put on lots of weight again! Instead of dieting gradually change the way you eat so that you still enjoy food and the occasional treat. […]