Charlie’s Garden: What Can The Herb Borage Be Used For?


‘Borage’ is the very first post in my garden series and I’m super excited because not only are all the herbs and veg that I’m going to bring to you organically homegrown; they’re also going to increase your feelings of wellness and help you develop an even deeper understanding about how you can use nutrition to achieve your health and fitness goals.

In 2019 The world is at our fingertips. we want things quickly and conveniently and we also want it to be good for us. This summer I will showing you exactly how to increase the nutritional density of what you eat in a very easy way. You’ll feel great, energised and you learn a new way of eating that kicks out fad diets and set you up for a lifetime of delicious highly nutritious food.

The first herb that I’m going to tell you about is borage. I started growing Borage in March and it’s been coming along brilliantly ever since. If you’re a Keen hiker like me you’re very likely to have come across Borage without even realising it while you’re out in the countryside. Watch the youtube video below and find out just how this amazing herb is.

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