Diary Of A Personal Trainer 6- Tough Mudder Training In Crewkerne


So it’s happening! I’ve just signed up to tough Mudder August 17th 2019. I’m super excited and I’m taking my amazing iOme family with me. Training began this week in Crewkerne. It’s going to be fun, challenging and rewarding when we all reach the finish line.

5K might not sound like a long distance for some, but for periods over the past eight years I’ve suffered with excruciating pain in the form of femoral acetabular impingement. In other words I have a dodgy hip. Pleased to be able to say that after developing my own rehab program I’m now at the point where I’m pain-free and able to do all of the exercises that I want to. Although I am fully functional there are still things that I don’t do. Running for long distances is one of them.

The biggest challenge for me is going to be making sure my hip doesn’t play up over the distance of 5KM. I can walk 5K no problem at all but as soon as I begin introducing movement and pressure that my hip is not used to it will not like it. As well as the general Tough Mudder Training I will personally training to stabilise my hips for prolonged impact on uneven terrain. As with all exercise challenges, I prepare well so that most importantly I don’t do any further damage and that I enjoy the experience.

I’ve asked everyone who is taking part in Tough Mudder training to download the couch to 5K app. This is going to be a great support in preparing everyone for the distance. Some ladies will be jogging the course and others will be power walking. Which ever they choose preparation is going to be key.

Saturday 11th May 2019 saw our first training session in Crewkerne at the beautiful Bincombe beaches. It was a beautiful morning, not too warm and the birds were singing away. The setting couldn’t be more perfect. We spent the hour using outdoor objects in the woodland as practice for our Tough Mudder obstacles and we power walked our way through Bincombe doing a total of two laps. It was great fun and I’m really looking forward to next week’s location which will be Wayford Woods (Wayford, Somerset) at 9am on Saturday 18th May. Whoo hoo!

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