What will the Gym be like during and after Covid 19?


In March the government’s restrictions on life as we knew it sent shockwaves across the country. In the fitness community there was concern about how we were going to keep the nation feeling well and exercising in order to keep immunity levels up. Within a day or two many regular gym goers had began downloading zoom for virtual Personal Training sessions as well as buying all sorts of online fitness apps. Trainers were raving about online fitness and many PT’s were investing in brand new recording equipment to make that online experience a little bit more special. Meanwhile at iOme Fitness the mood was slightly different.

After taking a day or two to plan how I could keep offering exercise to my clients I felt a massive reluctance to move everything online. I felt really demotivated with the thought of not being able to see my clients and Body SMARTers face to face. I thrive off the personal interaction that training face to face with others brings and I have to say that staring at a screen did made me lose a bit of my on the spot creative flare. I pressed on doing what I could but all the time knowing that if it wasn’t the best experience in the world for me then surely others must feel the same too.

With the relaxing of restrictions I’m now able to offer socially distanced personal training sessions in the studio. You can train with the entire gym to yourself and being in the middle of the most beautiful countryside it’s probably one of the most tranquil and relaxing environments you’ll ever find to work out in.

The popular Body SMART course is also back (but outdoors for the summer). It has been wonderful to be back. The courtyard is thriving with flowers, wildlife and sounds on nature. On the very early body SMART course (6.30am) we see the swallows flying around above our heads and the bees intoxicating themselves with nectar from the many varieties obscure varieties of wild flowers. In the evening sessions we watch the sun setting over our classes and enjoy the peaceful bird song. We’re all enjoying exercising and having fun being able to talk and enjoy the great company twice a week. In short exercising outdoors brings with it a multitude of positive mental and physical benefits.

What does the future hold? That’s the question that everyone has on their minds. The answer is that nobody knows right now. But there’s one thing that is certain. We’re now on the road to establishing a new way of training face to face. In the winter when all fitness is back indoors there’ll be extra precautionary measures to ensure that group exercise remains safe, fun and with the constant variety that has always made Body SMART, classes and PT sessions so very different from anything you’ve ever experienced anywhere elsewhere.

I really am looking forward to welcoming clients old and new back to the wonderful world of iOme Fitness. It’s been a tough year. We’ve had a long break but iOme Fitness is back and here to welcome you to the gym that so many people in the area know and love.

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