Are You Wasting Your Money On A Gym Membership?

Wasting-Money-On -A -Gym-Membership

Your Gym Memberships A Waste Of Money



Many people go to gyms that don’t have the right equipment, environment, or motivating staff to help them achieve the goals they want. According to ‘Winning the retention battle’, Fitness Industry Association, 2011; On average there is a 44% drop out rate for new gym goers after 6 months.

A good gym should have experienced personal trainers to guide you along your journey. There should also be a wide range of training protocols and gym equipment available with an emphasis on body posture and function as well as staff to support you in helping you look and feel good.

Above all a good gym should be a place that you look forward to going to. If your gym is a place you get anxious, annoyed, or sad about visiting then you are wasting your money on a gym membership that could be put towards bigger and better things.

Although many traditional gyms are now moving away from the old way of tying you into long-term contracts they still have a long way to go in terms of personalising your experience and being able to offer a holistic approach to your fitness life. Smaller gyms can offer a more personalised experience with more emphasis on you, but they too have their limitations. Sometimes space and changing facilities can be an issue meaning you might have to sacrifice having the comfort of facilities you desire post workout for that better overall training experience.

Whichever gym you decide to join it should be an environment where you are being helped and supported to build sustainable, long-term solutions to your lifestyle

Here are our top 10 tips on what to look out for when joining a gym:

1.Your gym should provide consistent check-ins to make sure your program is suitable and that your exercise form is correct so that you can protect your body from injury.

2. There should be instructors and personal trainers who are good listeners and know what your goals are without constant referral to your personal file.

3. When you speak to current users of the facility they should be happy and have great things to say about the support they’re receiving at the gym– always make sure you check the reviews online and social media pages.

4. Your gym should be tidy and have clean equipment. There should be a high regard for hygiene so that germs and bacteria don’t spread.

5. Your gym should put your safety first. There should always be a first aider on site and your induction process should always include a medical questionnaire and a discussion about any past injuries.

6. Instructors and trainers should never push you beyond your physical capabilities just for the fun of it or to prove to everyone else that they’re working you hard. This is both dangerous and can be really demotivating (especially if you end up injuring yourself).

7. Your gym should have a team of staff that are constantly developing themselves so they can provide you with the latest and most up to date training protocols.

8. Your gym should have a friendly community feel and be a place where you don’t feel intimidated.

9. Your gym should have a manager who’s present and who plays an active role in the day to day running of the club.

10. Your gym should ensure that any classes or training sessions they run always begin on time and are never cancelled.They should have open and fast lines of communication and should keep you in the loop at all times.

Here at the iOme indoor fitness garden we run short 6 week fitness courses (maximum 5 people per course) that don’t tie you into a long term gym membership. We provide continual, holistic and intense personal training support for the entire time you’re with us. We believe in training you to be the best you can be both inside and outside of the gym.

At iOme Fitness We....

Take a personal, holistic approach to fitness.

Only have fully qualified and experienced personal trainers who are as interested in helping you succeed.

Include functional fitness training to prepare you be stronger and more flexible when performing everyday movements.

Provide online e-learning to educate you on areas of your life such as nutrition, weight loss and posture.

Run 3 amazing fitness courses suitable for all ages and abilities.

Ultimately we’re here to change your exercise regime from being a chore into a hobby that you look forward too each and every week.

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