What will the Gym be like during and after Covid 19?

In March the government’s restrictions on life as we knew it sent shockwaves across the country. In the fitness community there was concern about how we were going to keep the nation feeling well and exercising in order to keep immunity levels up. Within a day or two many regular gym goers had began downloading […]

Traditional Personal Training Is Outdated

I was at a dinner party last week and someone asked me what I do at iOme. My reply was slightly delayed as I tried to summarise (which proved more difficult than I’d imagined). I’m a health and fitness educator’ was the reply. So why not a Personal Trainer?   One of my formal […]

Sharks and SUP at West Bay, Jurassic Coast

It’s August and it’s summer in the Marshwood Vale. Being only 15 minutes away from the coast what could possibly be better than trying out a new activity? A couple of weeks ago I decided to book a stand up paddle boarding lesson with Sarah from Bay Paddle Boarding. Putting the thought of great white […]