At Home With Charlie – Fish Risotto

Nutrition and Cookery Class With Charlie

At Home With Charlie - Fish Risotto

Charlie’s Food Philosophy

1. Diets are BAD. They have a beginning and an end which often means at the end of a diet you put on lots of weight again! Instead of dieting gradually change the way you eat so that you still enjoy food and the occasional treat. How do you do this I hear you ask? Through minor adjustments in food quantity, what you’re eating and when; as well as the nutritional density of your food. At iOme we show you exactly how this is done and all while still achieving your fitness goals.

2. Moderation. Don’t turn your back on the meals you love. There’s always a healthierversion of it. Cook with the ingredients you like but keep in mind that you can easily increase or decrerase the energy content of a meal ( i.e Kcals in a meal) by adjusting the quantity of ingredients you use. E.g use a small knob of butter instead of half the block! Use a small amount of oil instead of 1/4 of a cup! Also keep in mind that as well as eating too much yes you can eat too much healthy food too so developing an awareness of how much food your body needs verses how much you want is a journey that we can help you with.

3. Eat according to how your metabolism best processes food. Your body will naturally be better at processing either carbs or protein. When you eat optimally according to your metabolic type you’ll begin to see that correct food proportions will eliminate weight gain (At iOme Fitness we can help you discover what type you are with our personalised nutrition plans.)

4. Think about food timing – Waking up and eating a high sugar breakfast is a bad idea unless you’ve got a marathon ahead. It will cause havoc with your blood sugar levels and leave you feeling energy depleated and hungry again by mid morning.

5. Use fresh and wholesome ingredients to increase nutritional density. Your body has a daily quota for Carbs, Protein, Fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Start the day by giving your body what it needs instead of feeding it nutritionally empty food and you’ll find hunger pangs will be a thing of the past.

6. Don’t drink all of your calories. So you might fancy a glass of wine or a G&T which is fine, but keep in mind that the energy content in 1 glass is completely different to 5 glasses! Many people struggle with weight loss as they enjoy alcohol and socialising with it. Don’t worry! Alchohol is not a great helper when it comes to trying to loose weight however more exercise and increasing your water intake daily will definitely help to combat the effects of it.

7. Most importantly – Enjoy Food and enjoy Life! Life is too short to miss out on socialising because you don’t know what to eat. The people who crash diet will loose weight quickly but guaranteed they’ll put it back on plus more. Develop a healthy relationship with food and learn how to eat according to how your body best processes food.

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