iOme 1 and 3 Day Weight Loss Cure

iOme Fitness Weight Loss 1 and 3 Day Cure

What is it?

The iOme day cures are the very best protocol for visceral fat loss and a lean physique and is perfect to boost for weight loss or if you’re struggling with a weight loss plateau.

We couple high-intensity interval training in short bursts with a resistance training program. This will allow you to burn visceral fat AND build muscle (no ladies this doesn't mean bulk up) at the same time.

For a second to none personal training experience without paying extortionate hourly rates, our 1 and 3 day weight loss cure is the best way to experience having your very own personal trainer. You'll leave your course feeling more motivated than ever along with a brand new toolkit and knowledge to achieve permanent weight loss.

The Science

Having more muscle elevates metabolism and supports a better hormonal and biochemical environment by lowering adipokines – (those evil chemicals that create more fat and break down muscle.)

I'm really unfit. Will I manage to exercise for an entire day or 3 days?

Yes Absolutely! The great thing about this course is that you'll be personally trained for the entire duration of the day. In other words we're always monitoring you and adjusting exercises and rest periods where we feel the need to.
You'll perform exercises based on your own fitness level and postural capabilities meaning that if you're just starting out in fitness then not only will you be in safe hands but we'll also keep you motivated too.

On the day

The 1 day course shifts between periods of higher and lower intensity training. Your Personal Trainer and sports nutrition specialist will provide your entire day's delicious nutrition completely balanced to keep energy levels topped up throughout the day.

Our 3 day course follows a similar format, however we include off site fitness activities such as beach and woodland workouts.

Our 3 Day course also provides you with a personalised training program (complete with modified exercises for your biomechanical needs) to take home after you've completed your course. This comes with the added bonus of 4 weeks of emailed nutrition support to keep you on track towards achieving goal success.


We don't have any accommodation on site at Flaxdrayton Farm however we've partnered with two local 5 star B&B's to offer you an absolutely stunning home from home while you complete your course with us.
Accommodation is booked separately to your course, however if you'd like to leave it all to us so that all you need to do is turn up then we're more than happy to help.

What to bring with you to the studio ....

  • Indoor and outdoor trainers
  • Light Fleece jumper
  • Small towel
  • Water Bottle
  • A change of fitness clothing
  • Sunglasses (On a sunny day)
  • High factor sun screen
  • A cap or light hat (if it's sunny)

    We advise that you wear comfortable fitness clothing. E.g Vest Top/T-shirt ; Jogging bottoms/Leggings.
    For your own safety we ask that all jewellery is removed prior to training.
    Please do not bring valuables with you to the studio as we shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your personal items.

    Course Dates

    We have limited availability for our courses (Max 5 people per course) so it's always best to book at least 8 week in advance. After completing your sign up form you'll be contacted by a member of the team who will answer any further questions you have about your course as well as giving you options for course dates.

    Course Fees

    Our 1 day cure costs £99pp
    Our 3 day cure costs £379pp with an early bird rate of £295pp if booked at least 8 weeks in advance.