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Throughout your Body SMART course we’ll take a personalised approach to your nutrition.We don’t believe in diets or restricting nutritional groups. Every single change that’s suggested is a small one, which over time becomes a gradual lifestyle change. We’ll create a plan that works for you in terms of your lifestyle, where you like to shop and what you want to achieve. You’ll have the opportunity to have a weekly nutrition catch up with your Personal Trainer as well as receive feedback on the small changes needed to help fast forward those results.

At the start of your course you’ll receive your nutrition starter pack as well as lots of other additional resources that will help set you up for a successful start to your journey. You’ll find these on the members area of the iOme website which you’ll receive access to once you’re a member.

Many people give up on nutrition because they feel it’s not sustainable or doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle. On Body SMART we focus on the long term. Not only getting you to where you want to be in terms of nutrition for goal acheivement but also teaching you to maintain those changes. Managing your nutrition makes up to 50% of any fitness goal. It really doesn’t need to get in the way of life. We’ll show you how to nourish your body, achieve any goal you set your mind to and all without feeling hungry.

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