Our Response To Covid 19

Training Adaptations During Covid19 (as of 1/06/20)

The world we woke up to on March 24th 2020 was very different to any we’d ever seen. Suddenly, confined to our homes we had to discover a new way of living, a new way of working and a new way of exercising. As we slowly return to a new reality there are a few changes to how things will operate at iOme and this is because your safety comes first.

iOme Fitness will always take a holistic approach to your health and well-being and that means constantly adapting to the changing environment to make sure that you stay safe, that you feel happy and healthy and that your body receives its very own personalised exercise prescription.

iOme Fitness has always been about connecting with nature and enjoying the great outdoors. It was set up initially by bringing the outdoors indoors in the form of our studio garden.

This summer Body SMART is going back to nature. During your Body SMART course you’ll exercise in your own coned off area with social distancing that exceeds 2 meters. During your sessions we’ll have the entire courtyard to ensure that you're all thoroughly spaced out and group sizes will never be more than 5 people.

The equipment that you use will be for your own personal use throughout the session and there will never be a need for you to share.

The studio will be completely closed as will as the toilet. (So don’t forget to go before you arrive).

There will be no boxing/kickboxing/tyre flipping or coming into contact with anyone in any way. You might think that this takes away the fun slightly but with a library of hundreds of exercises and loads of other equipment there will be lots of ways to keep your brain engaged and keep you motivated.

The rules for booking time off shall be relaxed so please don’t worry if your life is a little turbulent and you can’t commit to sessions in succession.

You will have the opportunity to wash your hands after your session but there’ll never be a need to come into contact with anyone at any point during your visit. (All of the equipment will be fully sanitised both before and after you train.)

For one to one Personal Training it will be possible to safely open the studio while observing social distancing. Your trainer shall wear a mask and will be able to coach you from a distance. You will have the entire studio to yourself. Equipment shall be completely sanitised ready for when you arrive. You will be required to sanitise your hands on entering the studio as well as before leaving. With all of these changes coming into place you might feel a bit nervous about exercise but please feel reassured, these new procedures have been well thought out and will be constantly monitored to ensure you are exercising in a safe environment.

It does of course go without saying that if you’re feeling unwell or have come into contact with anyone who is unwell then we ask please do not turn up to your Body SMART session regardless of the fact that it’s outdoors. This also applies to PT sessions.

My plan to make Body SMART your safe space. Somewhere that you can exercise, destress, have fun and enjoy the great emotional and physical benefits that training in a small group brings while making sure your health and safety comes first.

I look forward to seeing you outdoors at Flaxdrayton Farm very soon.

Best Wishes,