Here’s what you can you achieve with 4 weeks of Personal Training.

Body transformation

Lucy is a student nurse who 4 weeks ago contacted me as she had a real desire to get fitter, trimmer and feel more energetic in preparation for her fast approaching hospital ward placement. In the 4 weeks I’ve known her she has shown unfaltering effort, determination and drive to reach her goal. What an inspirational and amazing lady!

In the very first session Lucy began by setting herself a goal of losing 2 inches from the waist. From there we planned nutrition and exercise around her lifestyle so that in just 4 weeks she was not only able to achieve her goal but she has also seen a complete change in body shape, a change in energy levels and a change of mind about what exercise and nutrition should feel like when it’s carried out efficiently and according to what the body needs.

Lucy has been in the studio with me three times per week. During every session we’ve focused on keeping her body guessing and taking her outside of her comfort zone to that point called ‘overload’ where the magic happens. Exercise is meant to be a personalised physical prescription that’s fun, effective and right for your postural needs. Without a doubt we have ticked every one of those boxes. With kettlebells, ropes, lots of different types of functional equipment and body weight exercises Lucy’s mind and body has been changed resulting in this ….

Body transformation
Food week

Goal achievement in only 4 weeks.

You might be imagining that Lucy was on a restricted diet for the duration of her 4 week burst of energy but absolutely not. (I for one don’t believe that dieting is ever the answer to long term goal achievement)! Lucy’s results were achieved without dieting and while still enjoying a varied and delicious daily menu. (The secret of change is in the psychology of eating as much as the food itself).

If you’d like to challenge yourself to make a life change that will completely change your outlook on fitness get in touch by dropping me an email. As I always say. The first step in deciding and committing to making a change is as hard as it gets. For the rest of the journey you’ll never be on your own.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly what Lucy’s 4 week plan involved look out for my next post coming soon.

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