What is Body SMART?

It’s our unique and industry leading weight loss, body toning and fitness program that's guaranteed to give you the results you're looking for no matter what your personal goal is. It will boost your metabolism helping you to burn more fat, get into shape faster, as well as give you the extra knowledge and support to fast forward your personal health and fitness goals.

Body SMARTER's with a goal of inch loss lose between 2-4 inches off their waist and drop a clothes size on completion of their course!
We’ll plan your route to success over your twelve sessions of small group (max 5 people) personal training sessions which will normally take you between 6 - 8 weeks to complete. Your Personal Trainer will support you throughout your journey; planning and making necessary changes to your personal program as you work towards your goal.

If you're familiar with the world of social media head over to the iOme Fitness Facebook or Instagram page where you can mingle with your fellow Body SMARTer's and share recipes. Don't worry if you're not on social media. When you join you'll get access to the members area where you'll be able to learn about different aspects of health, wellbeing and fitness as well as ask your trainer health, fitness and nutrition questions. It's a complete tool kit to set you up for success in reaching your health and fitness goals.

When is it?

It’s a course which includes 12 small group Personal Training sessions. You'll normally attend two one hour sessions per week for 6 weeks but if there are dates that you can't attend or if you're away on holiday then you can complete your course over a longer period. We run three Body SMART courses. Choose from:

Monday's and Wednesday's 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Monday's and Wednesday's 7.30pm to 8.30pm
Tuesday's and Thursday's 6.30am to 7.30am

How Much Is It?

Body SMART provides the best in value for Personal Training. Your course costs only £199 and includes 12 personal training sessions plus a personal weekly nutrition consultation.

Normally small group personal training can cost anything from £20 per person but we provide motivation, posture correction, general + sports nutrition support as well as guaranteed results for only £16.75 per session. For second to none personal training and without paying hundreds of pounds Body SMART has proven to be the best way to experience having your very own PT who's there to motivate you all the way to your goal.

What if I can't make it to a session?

We understand that life can be very demanding and sometimes hectic. That's why at the beginning of your course we'll give you the opportunity to tell us if there are any dates that you won't be able to attend. If you don't know which dates you'll need off you can also book a number of sessions off at the start of your course. Either way, if you let us know, we will extend your course so that you'll be set to get your 12 sessions. If you ever need to skip a week that's fine too. We're really flexible and are here to make Body SMART work for you.

How many people will be on my course?

Our course is capped at a maximum of 5 people so that we're able to offer you personal training and one to one attention during every session.

I am really unfit. Will body SMART be right for me?

Yes absolutely! The great thing about Body SMART is that you're personally trained during every session. You'll perform exercises based on your own fitness level and postural capabilities meaning that if you're just starting out in fitness then not only will you be in safe hands but we'll also keep you motivated too. We'll teach you the exercises that are personally right for you and make you aware of the exercises that you should avoid based on your medical history.

What happens after I've completed my Body SMART course?

Our courses are so successful and so much fun that over 90% of our Body SMARTer's stay with us for a total of 4 or more courses. During each course you'll be challenged more and more and taught new training protocols. Your confidence levels will go from strength to strength and before you know it you'll be achieving things that you never imagined you could!

If you'd only like to stay with us for 12 sessions that's fine too. You'll have gathered lots of fitness knowledge, achieved a fantastic fitness goal and you'll leave feel energised, fitter and full of life!

Course Structure

Every single session on the Body SMART course is completely different. We train in different energy systems every time. You might arrive to find that it’s a cardio based session or it could be a muscular endurance or strength session. Whenever you arrive at the studio you’ll never know what's coming. The most important thing is that we'll keep your body guessing (this is where the magic happens) and we'll without a doubt make sure that it's fun.

When you're allocated a space on a Body SMART course you'll receive access to a members area on the iOme website with lots of helpful resources that will help you to reach your goal. There's a nutrition step by step program, a guide to keeping your body feeling great after your workout as well as numerous other invaluable resources.

Your Personal Trainer

You'll be trained by the very best! Charlie Fardon is a Level 4 Personal Trainer and has extensive experience and knowledge in exercise prescription, weight management, biomechanics (posture) and sports nutrition. Her track record in getting people to their goals is impressive. Why not head over to Google reviews and see what others have to say?

Course Availability

Body SMART is an extremely popular course and throughout the year it's almost always fully booked. If you don't manage to get a space straight away you can opt to go on our Body SMART waiting list where the average waiting time for a space is between 2 - 6 weeks. (Believe us the wait is worth it!) Don't forget you can try out one of our pay as you go Saturday Morning Classes in the meantime!.