Personal Training

Personal Training With iOme - A Very Different Approach

Personal training with an iOme trainer is a completely different experience to what you’d normally find in a mainstream gym. We don’t put you on a treadmill or a cross trainer for an hour (because at our indoor garden's cross trainers and treadmills are banned!).

We do however take a holistic approach to your fitness needs and go the extra mile in formulating a long-term plan that gets you the results you want. We do this in the fastest way possible in a safe, sustainable, and achievable way and taking into account your lifestyle and commitments.

At iOme Fitness getting you to where you want to be is what matters to us. Yes, we’ll take you outside your comfort zone but that’s exactly where you’ll begin to see those physical changes. With free personalised nutrition support in and out of sessions you’ll begin to understand why personal training with iOme Fitness is a cut above the rest.

We’ll train you in a location to suit you whether that be indoors, outdoors, at work or via Skype and we’ll always have a solution that’s results driven and that you’ll love.

Ready to get started on reaching your goals? Contact us and we’ll invite you for a free 30 min consultation where we’ll get to know you so that we can match your needs to the perfect iOme trainer for you.