Live Well

Pilates Retreat Yoga Warrior Pose

What is Live Well?

Our live well course offers low impact exercise. It’s perfect for maintaining health and vitality. Classes that you’ll come across on the course will include:

Pioga – A combination of flowing yoga poses, pilates exercises and stretching (Our most popular low intensity class)
Pilates – With a core focus
Ballet Tone – (Ballet style pilates without the barre) or Pi-barre (ballet stye pilates with the barre)
Core Ball
Stretch, Release and Balance
Sculpt – A body conditioning and toning class using light to medium weighted bars

All of the above classes are an excellent way of achieving muscular tone, firming and helping you become more supple and flexible.
Our small group personal training approach to courses allow us to work in depth with you to increase toning and flexibility.
Your trainer will correct your posture and positioning; teach you how to breathe properly during exercise and help you achieve the perfect balance of a healthy mind and body.
Your Personal Trainer will give you the personal support that you need in order for you to:

Perform exercises that are suitable for you with correct posture.
Make adjustments to exercises for maximal physical and postural benefits.
Enjoy the classes that you take part in by ensuring you have the correct equipment and optimal environment for your class.

We provide Yoga Mats, Cushions, bands and Blocks. We advise that you bring a towel for your own comfort.
For our Live well course you should wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. A long sleeve top with leggings/jogging bottoms would be ideal. Footwear not necessary.

When is it?

It’s a 6 week intensive course where you’ll attend once a week plus you’ll receive a virtual home workout every week. Start anytime and continue after your first 6 weeks with another 6 week block where we’ll progress your exercises and help you to achieve even more!

How Much Is It?

Courses like these cost around £200. Our intensive 6 week course is priced at an amazing £90.