Private Fitness Classes


Why Choose A Private Fitness Class?

Have you ever been to a fitness class where there are twenty plus people in one room? You feel like a sardine in a tin and you struggle to find space to move? The problem with large fitness classes is that the instructor has only got one pair of eyes. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing you might well find yourself:

a) Sustaining an injury due to not performing an exercise correctly.
b) Not getting the most out of your workout due to not performing the exercise in the most efficient way – If you’re not activating the correct muscles exercises can become completely pointless and add stress to joints contributing to long term joint degeneration.
c) Ending up not being able to see exactly what the instructor is doing- Therefore ending up doing something completely different and putting yourself at risk of injury.

At iOme Fitness we run private classes at our studio in South Petherton or as a home visit with a maximum of four people. Every class is run by a personal trainer and in every session eyes will be on you making sure that you are exercising in a safe, fun and effective way :- Maintaining correct posture at all times.

Available Fitness Classes

Saturday Morning Fitness Classes In South Somerset

On Saturday morning’s we normally run Pay as you go and Pay monthly fitness classes. All pay as you go sessions are now paused due to COVID-19.

9am – 30mins Boxing or Kickboxing + 15 mins HIIT + 10 mins core
10am -Pi-barre (Ballet inspired standing pilates)
Spaces are available on a first come first served basis and cost £10 per session. Class sizes are capped at 4 people per class for the 9am class and 3 people for the 10am class. To sign up for our Saturday sessions please fill out a sign up form.

Pioga - Flowing Pilates and Yoga

Before attending a Pioga class many people think that it’s simply a mixture of Yoga and Pilates, but there’s a lot more to it than that:
Pioga is a low impact, dynamic and flowing class performed to relaxing Classical music with a strong focus on natural movement.
We don’t perform sets or repeat sequences over and over again. We create balance and harmony within the body as each exercise flows into the next. There are basic elements of yoga and pilates present but emphasis is also placed on increasing muscle flexibility; increasing mobility of joints as well as improving balance and muscle tone.
Pioga is performed on Mats. We sometimes use bands to help with posture correction and to increase the difficulty level of exercises (if you choose to).
It’s suitable for all ages and abilities and is a perfect addition to your weekly fitness class timetable. Pioga costs £7 per class payable in blocks of four.
The Class is available in South Petherton, Crewkerne and Yeovil. Have a look at Pioga in action here.

Client-Ian-Shalders-at- Pioga- Class

Active Age Pioga

If you, a family member or a friend would like to take part in some gentle chair based exercise performed to relaxing classical music and with a string focus on natural movement then come along to what is increasingly becoming the most popular choice of fitness class for over 60’s in the local area.

Two of the most frequently asked questions are:
1. Is the class suitable for people who have reduced mobility and joint issues?
2. Is the class suitable for people who are not very fit?

The answer to both questions is yes!

We regularly have ladies and gentlemen attending who have medical issues such as : High blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, Hip replacement, Knee joint issues, Lower back and Spinal issues.
It’s a class that’s suitable for all ages and abilities, however it’s most often attended regularly by men and women between the ages of 60 – 85

You can normally find active age Pioga in Crewkerne at the Henhayes Centre, South Street Car Park on a Wednesday morning at 9.30am (£5 per class) however due to COVID-19 restrictions the class is temporarily not running.

Active Age Pioga Crewkerne


Inspired by Charlie’s love of dance we bring to you a very unique combination of ballet and pilates using the barre. This workout is performed standing up and requires no previous knowledge of ballet or pilates. Every single one of your energy systems will be challenged during the class leaving you with a raised heart rate, a glowing face and a feeling that you awoken muscles that you haven’t used in years.
Pi-barre is a low impact class meaning that it’s suitable if you have joint issues. Its also suitable for all ages and abilities. Pibarre improves your core strength and stability while at the same time sculpting and toning your body. Perform the class regularly and you’ll notice your body will feel firmer, trimmer and slimmer.
Pibarre reviews

Pad Box

Lots of pad/glove and foot work in a fun and motivating environment. We’ll teach you correct stance, correct boxing sequences and most importantly safety (how to protect your wrists and ankles).
This class is as close to real boxing as you’ll get. It’s fun, it’s fast and you’ll walk away feeling as if you’ve had a great workout. No two sessions are the same. We’re always adding new elements to the class to keep you inspired and motivated e.g. (Core focus, HIIT focus).
Adding Pad Box or Kick Boxing to your weekly class schedule is set to increase your fitness levels, increase metabolic rate (which will in turn help with weight loss.). Boxing will help to sculpt those abs, tone the legs and get you that summer body all year round.


Enjoy some of our classical pilates exercises performed on mats. Each exercise combines regularity of breath, core conditioning, and awareness of posture and positioning. Your Personal Trainer will help you to find correct alignment and form. To add challenge or resistance throughout the class we sometimes use foam rollers, bands, weighted balls or the pilates ring. Pilates is great for strengthening the core, toning the legs, hips and glutes as well as for flattening the abs.

Abs and Core Blast

Sculpt those abs with Abs as we mix elements of HIIT training, core stability and abdominal exercises. A great workout to sculpt your abs from the inside out. This class comprises a variety of fun and challenging exercises giving you the choice of whether you’d like to perform them in a high intensity interval style or at a lower intensity. Either way your core will have a great workout and you’ll leave feeling that burn!

Pump It

A body conditioning class similar in style to the popular Les Mills Body Pump class. Sculpt works by challenging your muscular endurance raising the heart rate and increasing your stamina. We work on different muscle groups throughout the class using various bar weights to increase or decrease the difficulty of each exercise.

Yoga Flow

Experience an introduction to basic yoga and correct breathing as you hold each pose with emphasis on breath, posture and stability. The flowing element of our yoga flow class allows the body to progress naturally from pose to pose. This is a beginners class and is suitable for those who would like a gentle relaxing class focusing on the mind and body in a quiet intimate space.