Many women hear the word strength and it rings alarm bells.’I don’t want to get bulky’ is what we commonly here. Rest assured Body SMART will not make you bulky in the slightest. It will make you stronger, leaner and will sculpt you into a shape that you’ll absolutely love.
Becoming strong has so many health benefits and here are just a few of them : 1. Muscle mass naturally declines as you age. Strength training will prevent this decline and therefore prevent unwanted saggy skin. 2.Strength training helps to increase your lean muscle mass which in turn will supercharge your metabolism helping you to lose inches at a faster rate. 3. Strength training reduces the risk of osteoporosis as over time your bone density increases due to the adaption from lifting heavier weights. 4 .You’ll feel more confident. With your new found strength you won’t need to call for help when moving things around the house you’ll be a DIY goddess. 5. Strength training will improve your memory. (August 2019 the journal of Applied Physiology found that weight training can improve your ability to think as well as reducing or even reversing aspects of age related memory loss.)
These are just a few of the reasons why strength training is great and why you’ll come across it at various points and in different forms while on the Body SMART course.
If your goal is to become more toned we have the training protocols that will help you to achieve just that! Nutrition, building lean muscle mass and maintaining a low body fat percentage is key when it comes to sculpting your new shape. We’ll show exactly what to do to achieve this.

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