Traditional Personal Training Is Outdated


I was at a dinner party last week and someone asked me what I do at iOme. My reply was slightly delayed as I tried to summarise (which proved more difficult than I’d imagined). I’m a health and fitness educator’ was the reply.

So why not a Personal Trainer?


One of my formal titles is ‘Personal Trainer’ but I don’t like using those words describe myself. The term Personal Trainer for many conjures up images of treadmills, weight machines, constantly eating salads and protein shakes. You might picture a trainer shouting at someone to work harder, sweat more and exercise faster. I have to say that I associate myself with none of the above.

Everyone who manages to find iOme(we’re well hidden!) and walks through the doors leaves pleasantly surprised with the realisation that they’ve just stumbled across a completely different approach to health and fitness.

My task is always to understand the human body as a complex system and then to prescribe appropriate movement, intensity and nutrition with the ultimate goal of making you look and feel great in the long term. In my mind if you’re not feeling invigorated and inspired after your sessions with me then I’m not doing my job properly and this applies to absolutely everyone that walks through the door. Younger, older and in between.

Body SMART was always going to be my biggest challenge at iOme . Having five people in a room who all have different abilities and different goals and aiming to provide an experience that was exceptional was a task that did keep me up at night in the early days. Pleased to say that I rose to the challenge and created a course that exceeded my original goal!

The first Body SMARTers to walk through the door in 2016 were all keen and open to the new way of exercising that I introduced to them. This is known to many in the fitness industry as functional fitness training. Functional exercise is really beneficial especially when it’s adapted to your specific goal. It doesn’t require much equipment and there are simply endless ways in which you can exercise. If you have a bad knee/wrist/ shoulder or back there are ALWAYS alternatives that enable you to still have a great workout.

So moving back to the point of this post…. You definitely don’t need a Personal Trainer. You need a friend in fitness. A supporter, a cheerleader. Someone who won’t judge you and someone who’s as in tune with your body as you are. You also need fun and loads of it. Laughing is medicine and that’s why it’s up there as being one of my most important outcomes of every session.

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