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At iOme Fitness we don’t believe in dieting

A diet has a beginning and an end and we never want ‘great nutrition’ to end. When talking about ‘great nutrition’ or healthy eating many people visualise salads or very bland food with little flavour. Paleo (a cave man diet) or ‘smart points for food’ might spring to mind or simply cutting out starchy food such as bread. Whatever your view of great nutrition might be, Shrink-in is here to open your eyes to the reality that the food you eat and the way that your body processes it is completely unique to you. Food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless to be nutritious and yes you can still have an active social life and loose weight at the same time.

In the past you might have been a member of another weight loss club where you lost a lot of weight only to put even more back on a few months later. You might have been left feeling demotivated because of this. At Shrink-in our program is centred around you and is delivered in such a personalised way that you’ll begin to realise why previous attempts at weight loss didn’t work.

With our expertise we can help eliminate hunger pangs, sugar cravings and all of those other feelings that become major personal battles when loosing weight.

We have years of experience in developing goal specific nutrition plans and combined with our fine tuned motivational techniques and exercise plans we will ensure that your body is getting the correct amounts of carbs; proteins; fats; vitamins and minerals in the right quantities (without leaving you feeling hungry). We’ll help motivate you, take back control of your food as well as teach you to how to effectively manage the emotional side of eating.

After joining Shrink-in and by following our advice you can expect to drop a dress size within your first 6 weeks. After that you can expect to continue loosing weight until you reach the point where you decide to maintain your new body shape with our help and support.

What’s included in Shrink-in?