Why Am I Not Losing Fat?


The most common scenario that I come across in the world of fitness is – ‘I’ve tried everything I can but I’m not losing body fat’.

So you’ve joined a gym. You’ve cut out things like crisps, sweets and alcohol. You’re putting all your effort into your workouts and you’re still not losing fat. Why Not?

If the answer was that simple then my job wouldn’t exist and if a personal trainer ever tells you that the only problem is that you’re eating more food (energy) than you’re using for energy during the day then my suggestion would be to find a different PT.

Your body is a complex and fascinating machine. There are more biological processes going on than you could imagine and given that the gut and the brain are in sync and that both love fat, losing it requires as much of a psychological change as a physical and nutritional one. You can’t have one change without the other and a bit like a prescription from your GP they all need to be administered in the correct doses and at the right times.

The Brainstorm

When someone arrives at iOme Fitness appearing to be doing all the right things and then tells me that they are struggling to lose body fat there is a lot that goes through my mind. One of my jobs is to identify where things are going wrong and to provide a solution and believe me when I say this is often more complex than you might think


To show you the complexity of the problem have a look at the brainstorm I created to help you understand why you might not be losing fat at the rate you’d like to

The 8 key areas preventing fat loss

I have identified 8 key points that could inhibit fat loss. Yes there are more than eight points but “key” is the word here. Looking at the brainstorm you will see that each of the 8 main points interlink with each other and branch off into their own little brain storms. You might be thinking – “How on earth am I expected to understand all of this”? and the answer in short is that I’m not expecting you to understand it at all. The main point of this post is to make you aware that your fat loss efforts are not in vein. Don’t be disheartened if things are not going to plan because there’s always a solution. If you’re struggling then that’s normal and this is where your personal trainer will be able to help you.

If you’d like to learn more about these eight key points look out for my nutritional seminars throughout the year where I will be going into more detail regarding everything nutrition and fat loss. There’ll be one coming up just before Christmas so keep your eye on the iOme Facebook page for more details.

p.s Click on the brainstorm image to view the larger PDF version.


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